Augmented Reality for Print Media

Explore how AR is transforming traditional print materials into interactive and engaging experiences, bridging the gap between offline and online content consumption.


Our Solutions

Enhanced Reader Engagement

AR for Print Media enhances reader engagement by bridging the gap between print and digital content. For example, magazines use AR to enable readers to scan printed articles with their smartphones, unlocking additional multimedia content such as videos, interviews, or interactive graphics related to the story.

Interactive Advertising

AR for Print Media transforms advertising in print publications. Brands use AR to create interactive print ads that come to life when scanned, allowing consumers to interact with 3D models of products, view demonstrations, or access exclusive offers directly from the ad page.

Educational Supplements

AR for Print Media provides educational supplements within printed materials. Textbooks and educational journals use AR to supplement learning materials with interactive diagrams, quizzes, or virtual simulations, enhancing student engagement and comprehension.

Virtual Product Catalogs

AR for Print Media revolutionizes product catalogs. Retailers use AR to turn static print catalogs into interactive experiences where customers can scan product pages to view 3D models, explore features, and see how products would look in different settings before making purchasing decisions.

Use Cases

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